What is Pheno-Hunting and why do we do it?

What is Pheno-Hunting and why do we do it?

While many of us in the cannabis industry know what pheno-hunting is, and why it’s so important, a lot of consumers do not. Here at Blueprint we are cultivators first and foremost. Pheno-hunting is quite an extensive process for us, as it consumes a lot of time, energy, and real estate. All while requiring a lot of focus, patience, and dedication. Finding a unique strain is a numbers game and we’re in this for the long haul.

What is pheno hunting and why do we do it?

Pheno hunting is the process of looking through a range of new genetics in hopes to find a “keeper.” A keeper is a slang term you may hear, which simply means that the pheno expressed desired qualities, making it a plant you want to keep. It likely is a strong plant to grow, healthy, and resistant to bugs and mold. As well as smell new and unique, taste great, and smoke smooth. We pheno hunt so we can bring new flavors and experiences to the world.

What do we look for in a strain?

As a strain progresses cultivators will start looking at the plants traits like growth structure, durability, trichomes, terpene profile, appearance and more.

Once the plant matures the grower then can harvest, dry, and cure. From here the growers can further analyze each plant. How healthy is the plant tissue? How’s it look in a bag? What’s it smell like? What does it feel like when breaking it up? What do you feel like after smoking it? And most importantly, how does it taste and smoke?

How long does it take for a strain to make it through testing into production?

The process can greatly vary for each grower and plant, but typically at Blueprint this takes up to a year or more. We have set the standard pretty high and each strain must check all our boxes.

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