Pillars of Blueprint

There are a lot of myths, smoke, and mirrors around the cannabis industry. Here, at Blueprint, we have learned through experience what scientific knowledge applies and how to efficiently utilize it in our process. We not only adapt and apply known scientific data, we actually create and run our own studies to support improvement on all aspects of our product – from seed to sale.
Technology is not simply hardware. Our obsession to innovate drives our search for the latest tech, trends, blind spots, and techniques the industry has to offer – and some it doesn’t. Those mind-bending game changers are what drive our success in creating the extraordinary. We boldly growwhere no one has gone before.
As connoisseurs and legacy operators, we strive for perfection. Through years of failures, sleepless nights, and missteps, we have developed successful, sustainable, and repeatable practices. We have devoted ourselves to this craft. Our experience is now poured out for you, our customers, to enjoy and experience what we live.
As industry veterans and pioneers, we have proven our ability to imagine and reimagine the future. We have earned our stripes and will continue to build upon the firm foundation we’ve established. Our creative vision and imagination will continue to steer Blueprint down a path never traveled before, creating experiences the world has never had… until now.