Stigmas and Pistils

Stigmas and Pistils on cannabis plant.
You’ve probably never heard the names, but you know what they are. Pistils are the part of the plant containing the reproductive components, from the pistils the stigmas grow. The stigmas role is to catch pollen and pull it into the pistil/ovary to create a seed. Stigmas are the hairlike substance you can visibly see. Initially the stigmas of the pistils are white, but as the plant matures, together they turn to an orange/red color. Before the advent of today’s technology this was an indicator for growers that their harvest was ready for cultivation. When 80% or more of the pistils on the plants are covered in vibrant stigmas, most growers will call time on cultivation. Flowers covered in red, orange, or brown hairs are definitely mature.

Sight, smell, touch.

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