Triple lindy



Stunning effects, an immediate physical relaxtion starting in the shoulders/neck and migrating throughout the body. A decent euphoria starts 15 minutes after dosing, which then fades inot a pleasant uplift to round out the sedative body high. At a low dose I could go about my day, but after two bowls, I find myself ready for a long sit down. Truly a perfect balance of medicinal effects, and as a cultivator I would keep in the head stash stash at all times. 10/10

IG @lazycannabis

The packaging, the terps, the smoke, the looks, the company, this one ticks all the boxes for me. The smell and flavor fall into the floral/candy-gas profile that is big right now. The smoke is exceptionally good, easily one of my favorite cannabis products in the past few motnhs. Blueprint nailed this one, and I will 1000% be back for more of their cultivars!! Go get yourself some! 10/10

IG @lazycannabis