Definitely headstash worthy chronic here. I love the more earthy, gassy, kushy side of the terp spectrum, so this was right up my alley. I would absolutely recommend this to all my people looking to smoke some of the nicest stuff out there right now. You will not be disappointed, in fact - you'll probably start hunting for more flavors from Blueprint.

IG @baklavafam

I'm 52 been smoking since 1985. I feel like I'm super picky. That P90, which I'm smoking right now, is as good as it gets. Beautiful cultivation and a real hitter!

IG @blue_world_10

This P90 by Blueprint is some serious gas! The nugs are covered deep with trichomes, and an eighth of a jar stinks up half the house! I like how this strain is mainly light green with frost, instead of the usual purp. 💯

IG @puffinonfire

This is their "heavy hitter" gassy strain which they describe and let me say, it was just that! In my opinion it was like a nice OG. Immediate high came in heavy on the eyes and shortly after my body wasn't going anywhere. One of the nicest flower highs I've had in a minute.

IG @thecholostoner

First time trying this grower and strain and I was BLOWN AWAY. It smells of straight gassy spicey funk. Like GMO almost but gassy and funky. And just look at the structure. Bag appeal is 10/10 imo and so is the smell and effect! This smoked so smooth but hit so hard, it's really quite an experience smoking it. Breaking it down the funkiness comes out tenfold and smoking it is so smooth yet gassy.

IG @sandiegoemerakds