Terpenes - Linalool

Terpenes - Linalool
As a consumer we are often told of the soothing effects from lavender. We find it advertised in lotions, oils, and candles, offering relaxation of the mind and body. But what component actually gives this flower it’s calming aroma? Terpenes of course.

Linalool is a terpene found in over 200 flowers and spices, including lavender, jasmine, thyme, and cannabis. It’s best known for its relaxing and mood boosting effects, as well as it’s therapeutic benefits.

For those using cannabis for medical reasons, linalool is a very important terpene. Linalool blocks receptors for a brain chemical called glutamate, to help prevent epileptic seizures. It helps reduce the excitability of spinal cord cells that are responsible for transmitting pain signals to the brain. It’s sought after by endurance athletes, using it for its anti-inflammatory properties to help speed up recovery time. It’s also commonly known for being sedative and for its ability to regulate stress levels in the immune system.

Jesus Shuttlesworth is our strain containing the highest levels of linalool. Offering what we would call a “chill” high, providing patients with stress relieving relaxation.

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