Terpenes - Caryophyllene

cannabis strain terpenes
You ever notice that earthy spice when smoking your favorite gassy strains? That terpene is Caryophyllene. It’s responsible for that slap in the face diesel smell mixed with a little ✨spice✨.

While this terpene is found in all our strains, it is most prevalent in P90. This terp is also found in many of your favorite everyday items like pepper, cinnamon, and hops. Besides providing us with pungent aromas and flavors we love, it is a special terpene as it is the only one to have similar properties to CBD.

Evidence shows that caryophyllene interacts with CB2 receptors and is reported to help with pain management, spasms, anxiety, alcoholism, depression and more.

Terpenes are often over looked by many consumers when selecting a strain to smoke. But evidence and experience points to the fact that they should be one of your biggest considerations.

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