Coffee & Weed

Coffee & Weed
You wake up, you make your coffee, you take that first sip, and you smile. What about this makes you so happy?

As your body absorbs caffeine it releases dopamine aka “happy hormone”. Coincidentally, the same thing happens when your body intakes THC. Both caffeine and THC target the same part of your brain, allowing them to work simultaneously. This results in a different effect than when they are consumed separately.

Your first thought might be that they cancel each other out, as one energizes and the other tends to relax, but this is not the case. Studies and our own experiences show that they actually enhance one another. Individuals who medicate with marijuana for pain, depression, anxiety, and other ailments have reported amplified and prolonged relief, compared to just smoking alone. And while cannabis does relax it can also uplift. Combining energizing strains with caffeine can create a heightened state of euphoria. Finding the perfect strain to brew combination can be a process, but an enjoyable one at that.

What is your favorite wake and bake routine, and is coffee included?

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